Cibes is an ideal lift for home, shop, school, office, hospital. The modular system of Cibes lifts allows you to solve problems of any complexity and implement the most unusual design solutions.

Main advantages of lifting platforms:

- do not require a separate shaft

- do not require a machine room

- do not require a pit

- do not require a additional civil works

- very easy to install

- very easy to use

- low cost of equipment, assembly and maintenance

Comfortable life

Are you dreaming of making the upper floors of your home more accessible in the future? Imagine not having to carry heavy bags or laundry baskets up the stairs. The best solution for your home is a Cibes home lift. It will add convenience and luxury to your home, making your life easier..

Design your lift

Often when people think about a lift, they tend to think that it might ruin the aesthetics of their home. But that's not true. One of the great features of Cibes lifts is that they can be configured to suit your room design. You can design and decorate your own lift.

More detailed information about the equipment of our partners can be found in the colorful brochures:

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