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Stein lifting equipment in 1914

Present is impossible without the past, therefore, the company, which does not remember its past, does not have its present ...
German engineer R. Stein set up an office at 2, Novo-Izmailovskaya st.(now Yakubovicha st.) in 1911 and the factory for producing passenger and freight elevators at 31, Izmailovskiy pr. a year later.
Till nowadays ad has been saved from reference book ‘Ves Peterburg’ (‘All of Petersburg’):
‘Electrical lifting equipment with button, register-based , levered etc. control system and designations, take the first place at the view of perfection and safety.
All contacts in the apparatus are made of the coal, not metallic ones, which eliminate welding, oxidation and contamination. That is how absolutely serviceable action is guaranteed for these lifting equipment. – All units are located near the mechanism, that facilitates the maintenance of the equipment.’
Beginning of the World War I became the reason of closing German factories and companies in Russian Empire. But some masterpieces were commissioned during the first three productive years of Original Stein Lift in the beginning of 20th century.
Here is an incomplete list of places at St Petersburg, where lifting equipment by Stein has been installed:
- Marble Palace, 5/1, Milionnaya st.- front lift.
- Higher Duchess Yurieva’s Palace, 3, Gagarinskaya st.- passenger lift.
- Baroness Rozen’s house, 8, Preobragenskaya st. (Marata st. now)- passenger lift.
- Palais-Royal Hotel, 20, Pushkinskaya st.- passenger lift.
- Guard Captain N.F. Samotsvet, 46, V.I., 11th line - 3 passenger lifts.
- Doctor S. K. Kitner, 1/7, Pochtamtskaya st.- passenger lift.
- Architect G. S. Gavrilov, 56, Fontanka river emb.- passenger lift.
- Railway engineer A.N. Pertsov, 44, Ligovskiy pr.- passenger lift.
- Bakery ‘Pekar’ , 11th Rota st. (11th Krasnoarmeiskaya st. now)- freight lift.  
- L’Europe Hotel - (Grand Hotel Europa nowadays)- 1 passenger lift with button control system, 2 passenger lifts with register-based control system.
It is known one local legend associated with this famous hotel. The hero was unknown heir of the rich man, who died at the emigration and managed to hide gold pieces under the floor in one of the hotel rooms. The heir was able to accommodate as a part of one delegation into this certain room. When night came, he revealed floor and found out a metal nut with a massive bolt to fix it at the interfloor overlap. 4 hours later, when the last bridge was destroyed, a terrible roar came. Restaurant chandelier at the lower floor crashed.
The reason of losing almost all early 20th century masterpieces was absence of the proper care. Only one original Stein lift is known at this moment. It was installed in the Noble Assembley House at 70, Nevskiy pr. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t work since World War II.