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Cibes - ideal lift for home, shop, school, office, hospital. The modular Cibes lift system allows you to solve problems of any complexity and realize the most unusual design solutions.


The main advantages of lifting platforms:

- do not require a separate mine

- do not require a machine room

- do not require a pit

- do not require heavy construction work

- very easy to install

Escalators and passenger conveyor can stand the intensive use at office centers, shopping malls or transportation infrastructure.
A2 series escalators are made for installation in public places, at the industry and in business buildings and provide comfort and safety for users.
Advanced control and unique technical solutions guarantee high energy efficiency rate and shrink maintenance expenses.

Elevators, passenger, including cottage and panoramic elevators to firefighters lift, hospital elevators are supplied with manufacturing plants in Europe and correspond to the current technical regulations and standards.
Vehicle Lift - Elevators with a machine room, made by LM Liftmaterial (option for machineroomless for reduced lift height,up to 30 m). Rope drive and hydraulic.

We perform a complete cycle of works related with lifting equipment