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Additional handrail solution in the design:


While constructing it is typical to face challenges concerning the elevator equipment positioning. These troubles may prevent standard lifting supplies from being used. As a result, an unique solution is required.

Accent-producing elements should be places in a way keeping balance between architectural parts and the building style.

Кнопочные посты

Standard control desks and indicators made of stainless steel combine needed functionality and the ease of fabrication.


The elevator room interior quality mostly determines the elevator passenger impression. German accuracy in safety regulations is combined with the stylish appearance. The elevator room becomes a separate architectural element in a contemporary building. We may divide interior style levels in the following three classes


Variety of faceted and laminated steel types, plastic cover, colored floor.

The incoming information to the brain forms the external space perception. Basing on this, the key features or accents allow enriching this information by adding remarkable details and mould a desired mood at the user’s own.